“MMJ” Keyword Domains

MMj is the standard abbreviation for Medical Marijuana.  As such, it provides an shortened expression and allows people to get shorter, easier-to-type domain names for the Medical Marijuana Industry.

I have an extensive collection of 97 “MMJ” domain names available. All but three of them are .COM names. Many are premium domains, such as MMjDoctors.com, MMjAttorneys.com, MMjSeeds.com, MMjCalifornia.com, MMjBalms.com, MMjCreams, MMjLotions.com, MMjReviews.com, MMjStrains.com, MMjStores.com, MMjShops.com, MMjTinctures.com, MMjClones.com, and dozens more.

Please use my  CONTACT FORM to inquire about any of these names.

Many are specialized with highly targeted keywords, including the following domain names in the table below. By default, it only shows the first 10 rows, but there are left and right arrows just under the table on the right side that let you scroll through all 94 names. You can also change the table to display all of the rows so you can see all of the names at once, if you change it from “10” to “50.” And you can enter a keyword in the Search box immediately above the table and find names with your desired keyword(s).

[table id=11 /]