Why You Should Own More Than One Domain Name

Many savvy business owners own multiple domain names for their businesses. They sometimes use them to promote their business in a variety of locations across the web. In doing so, they can make it look like their business is larger and more successful, instilling more confidence in potential customers.

Some business owners buy “type-in” names and forward them to their business website.

These days, many people type words in the URL field of their browser, instead of doing a traditional search. If you want to reach these people, then you need a .COM domain. No other TLD will do. Browsers automatically assume the .COM at the end of a domain name if no other TLD is specified. If someone wants to start a dispensary, and they type “howtostartamedicalmarijuanadispensary” in the URL field, the browser will take them to “HowToStartAMedicalMarijuanaDispensary.com.”

Perhaps you don’t want your business’ main website to be as long as our example — HowToStartAMedicalMarijuanaDispensary.com. In that example, it would still be a good idea for you to own that domain name and FORWARD it to your business website, because the longer name/phrase is what people are searching for.

If you are in the business of teaching people how to start a medical marijuana dispensary, you want those people to be able to find you. If your business name is “Smith and Jones,” and your website is SmithAndJones.com, you can buy the longer name and forward it to SmithAndJones.com. When you do that, people who type in “howtostartamedicalmarijuanadispensary” will automatically end up on your “SmithAndJones.com” website.

Forwarding a domain name does not cost anything. It does not require paying for extra web design for the additional site, because it is forwarded to your main site. Your only cost to keep and “maintain” it is the $12 or so per year to register it.

Owning “keyword” domain names that perfectly describe your product or service can be very valuable for driving traffic to your business website. For instance, if you make tinctures and your business name is “Bobs Tinctures” and your website is “BobsTinctures.com,” you would be wise to purchase domain names with keywords for what you produce. So, you might purchase “CannabisTinctures.com,” “MedicalMarijuanaTincture.com,” “MJTinctures.com,” “MMjTincture.com,” and “MMjTinctures.com,” because these are the generic keyword search terms that people would use to look for your product.

You could forward any or all of these names to your business website, as in the previous example. You could also create simple pages for each of these names with lots of links that go directly to your main website.

Another reason to own more than one domain name, is to keep similar names out of the hands of your competition. If you have a dispensary called “Nature’s Wellness” and your website is “NaturesWellness.com,” you might want to own the more generic “MMjDispensary.com” and forward it to your main website. That generic term — “MMJ Dispensary” — is a term people would frequently search on. If you own it and forward it to your site, your competition does not have the benefit of people finding them through that generic domain name that describes a business with a lot of competition.

Owning multiple domains that describe your business niche or the products or services you provide, can give you an edge over competition for relatively little money.

Copyright © 2011 by Victoria Young