“Cannabis” Keyword Domains

Cannabis is the more technical term than Marijuana and it is in the botanical names of the plants — Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis. We have an excellent list of “Cannabis” keyword domain names. Every one of them contains the word “cannabis.” Some are suitable for various cannabis-related businesses, edible makers, makers of topical cannabis products, activists, directories, blogs, books and more.

You can see the names in the table below. By default, it only shows the first 10 rows, but there are left and right arrows just under the table on the right side that let you scroll through all 97 names. You can also change the table to display all of the rows so you can see all of the names at once, if you change it from “10” to “50.” You can also enter a keyword in the Search box immediately above the table and find names with your desired keyword(s).

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